Multi Media Publishing…

It’s an inescapable fact that we all live in a “Multi-Media” world. The impact of the World Wide Web has had a profound effect on the way we all receive information, but that does not mean that tradition methods are obsolete.  Many people like to read a hard copy book or magazine and many like to listen to audio broadcasts, though these days thes have been re-invented as ‘Podcasts”.  We work in all these spheres producing books and magazines, radio shows and publishing music for both library music for TV and radio and for chart release.


New for 2019 is our web magazine section, which is developing a range of online publications.  These are far removed from the thousands of amateur “Blogs” that abound on the ‘net, being designed as magazines, produced to professional standards, albeit published electronically.  Our book and fine art section Photography into ART continues to produce and sell products through its website 

We are actively seeking composers of music suitable for film, TV and radio production to release through our music publishing subsidiary One-Eleven Music.